Music as a Social Connector

In a world where technology connects us more than ever, it may seem counterintuitive that the very same technology can also divide us. Social isolation is a big problem, especially for our youth. Whether due to bullying, the fear of missing out, or electronics addiction, people are having a harder time connecting positively face to face.

We need to fix these problems as individuals and as collective groups. It’s good to encourage kids to reach out to people who need support, to join clubs and activities, and to be as inclusive as possible.

Being involved in music education is a great way to create social connections. The music itself allows us to relate to our own emotions while participating in ensembles leads to lifelong friendships as well as an affinity with something larger than ourselves.

Band allows us to form interpersonal connections in more ways than we may realize. The connections built in band are so strong, in fact, that many musicians refuse to let the music stop. Instead, they participate in multiple ensembles at the same time.

Especially for at-risk youth, music classes are instrumental in encouraging a greater interest in school. Programs like the Dr. William P. Foster Project celebrates and encourages educators in underserved areas. Read about the latest recipient here:  “Fostering the Underserved”.

No matter what type or how many marching ensembles you belong to, you will have similar types of experiences as other musicians around the globe. You’re in on all the same inside jokes, making band humor popular material for memes.

Being in band also allows us to connect with our communities. In the end, we’re stronger when we band together.

Keep on Marching!




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