NOW AVAILABLE: Crossover is here!

The DSI Crossover was developed specifically for marching bands and drum corps by a world-class foot doctor who regularly works with professional athletes and top drum corps.



​Designed to meet the extreme demands of high performance marching movements the Crossover outperforms other well-known athletic footwear.

​Can be used for practice or performance by colleges, high schools, drum corps, or indoor percussion.

The Crossover features the Xtreme Tendon Fit® in the midfoot which provides unmatched support and stability. It also has a one-piece rubber sole, canvas toe box, breathable mesh upper, Stabil® heel cup, and an extra athletic-style eyelet for narrow feet.

Here’s Our Story…

One of the drum corps approached us because they were looking for a shoe that they could use for rehearsal. The shoe needed to be lightweight like a tennis shoe but be more supportive and have the same feel as their show shoes (similar to Velocity, MTX, or Viper).

Also, these new shoes had to cost less than the expensive name brand athletic shoes they were previously buying.

DSI partnered up with Dr. Tom Freeman, a ​world class podiatrist who works with professional athletes and top drum corps and he provided the mechanics of what was needed for the “perfect” shoe from the medical side.




Then we found a top shoe designer who worked on projects for some of the biggest names in the shoe industry (including one that rhymes with bike and involves one of the best basketball players of all time).

​Notice the focus on the ​Xtreme Tendon Fit® in the mid-foot. This is stitched directly into the sole of the shoe and integrates into the laces for maximum support and stability. This feature is an absolute must for marching band and drum corps in order ​to prevent injuries. Here a sample sketch he ​made for ​the Crossover shoe.

Our team worked for two years developing and refining the shoe based on feedback from drum corps, colleges, high schools, and indoor percussion.

Now it’s here. The Crossover shoe from DSI. Contact your Director’s Assistant Sales Rep.

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