Winter Guard, this is your season!

winter guard this is your season directors assistant blog

Winter Guard, this is your season!

Why Winter Guard?

Winter Guard is a valuable experience for winter guard performers. The social and competitive exchange with groups of their own age from different backgrounds, lifestyles and educational experiences adds another facet to their self-perception while creating lasting friendships! Winter guard can perform at a local level with much the same scope as an athletic team, or they may choose to expand and include performances in other parts of the country affording an opportunity for trips visiting historical and cultural sites. A combination of both types of schedule is possible depending on your school and budget.


winter guard this is your season


Winter Guard activities offer students an experience, which challenges and stimulates growth on so many levels:

• Multi-physical
• Mental
• Social
• Time Sequence
• Through Organization
• Team Work
• Group Cooperation

The activity demands physical involvement in rehearsal and performance involving muscle tone, conditioned response to music and other stimuli, simultaneous coordination of head, arms, legs, body stature as well as poise and control while experiencing physical and mental pressure.

The mental training requires multi-levels of thought organization including portrayal of moods harmonious with other performers, and understanding of why they execute each move and advance awareness of what the next move will be and why it is there.

A winter guard program will expand the techniques of those who comprise the street and field marching unit in just the same way that concert band, stage band and winter percussion lines continue the development of those skills with subsequent impact on the excellence of the music program.

Socially, members learn to function in a group situation setting common goals, cooperating and striving for success as a team.

The many outlets for performances available to a scholastic winter guard, besides contests, include the regular school activity schedule of rallies, basketball half-times or assemblies for special events which will show the activity to the school community. Other students will become more interested in the program; faculty members are always impressed and the audiences (parents and students alike) enjoy the show for its entertainment value. Within the community there are always organizations looking for varied forms of entertainment and where space is adequate, the indoor guard show can win tremendous support for the band program.

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